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hotel in lisbon portugal

All About US

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Portugal continues to fascinate us with the finest legacy it follows since 30,000 BC when the first Portuguese were fishermen and hunters. Taste what our traditions were and are from the place whose one insight will force you to come again and again there that is “Restaurant International”. Restaurant International is one of the best restaurants you will find in Portugal that brings you the immense pleasure of dining experience. The centerpiece of art located in Lisbon not only serves you with a fusion of top-class multi cuisines draped in world-class ambiance but also is a treat to watch. “Restaurant International” highly follows what it is said that Customer is King and treats every customer a way which you will find nowhere else.


Nothing is constant but love for food can never be replaced. “Restaurant International” brings the most appetizing seafood for you and it is said that ‘Seafood helps you live 10 years longer’. We can’t assure you about life but definitely, assure you that tasting our food will give you life longer taste that you won’t forget. We are not bounded to seafood but delight your taste buds with most delicious dishes of various countries like  India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, China, Thailand. Our multicuisine restaurant is what encourages people to over and again.

At Restaurant International, we truly believe in the fact that ‘Cooking is like love. it should be entered into abandon or not at all’.

So, we know this challenge of cooking requires finesse and expertise of the highest grade. That’s why the dishes made under the supervision of the executive chef, who possess the asset of rich expertise of delighting the taste buds carry a distinctive flavor and aroma. We not only bring the appetizing food in the most palatable way but are also highly concerned about your hygiene. So, our restaurant maintains a  stringent quality control procedure to sustain its high standard of hygiene and serves with healthy but tasty food. Our team makes great efforts by bringing the ingredients, spices, and herbs which are personally handpicked by cookery professionals with ensured quality and taste of each grain that is served.


‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if not dined well’.  Restaurant International is something we can say what dreams are made of and definitely a place for which you want to book next flight over. It offers you with an impeccable service, warm nature, and ever gracious hospitality giving you a lifetime experience that you won’t get anywhere else.  Our team leaves no stone unturned to provide you the best quality of the service. Each member of our team from the hostess to the chef to the waitress works exceptionally hard and delight you with the finest food and hospitality services. At Restaurant International, one is always greeted with a welcoming smile.

Not only we please your taste-buds with mouth-watering but your eyes will definitely be delighted with the furnished of our restaurant. Restaurant International has the most furnished decor providing you with both indoor and outdoor dining. Enjoy nature and your loved one’s company with Restaurant International. We understand the importance of preserving the art of fine service.

For us our every customer is precious and we treat them with personal attention and make them feel as if one’s patronage is deeply appreciated.

hotel in lisbon portugal

Restaurant International View

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Whenever we visit any restaurant!

We first took the view that restaurant gives.

Restaurant international is the right choice.

And restaurant international give you the right aspect of choice because of its surrounded by the experienced staff located in Largo do Carmo, Lisbon, when you sit outside you, feel special with the warm air and a tasty hot food.

When you sit inside you will feel all the luxury wooden work with a less noise to feel bit relaxed when you eat a special food.

If we really talk about the food!

The first question arises in our mind?

Which place is good, affordable, quality, service these all metrics cover by the name of restaurant international unmatched since 1991 in Lisbon, on Largo do Carmo.

We offer you the best meal at the lowest price under one roof.

Our staff has a experience of presenting the traditional food from India, Brazil, Portugal.

And if we say that while having a tastier food you would also offer the live music that your ears can also feel relaxed with the music vibes.

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